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David Jones

About Redline Athletics

Our training center offers 15,000 sqft of high performance speed and agility training space that includes sport performance flooring, a basketball/volleyball court, multiple batting cages, and a full size weight room. Customized sports performance training programs can be developed for individual athletes as well as full teams and programs. Our martial arts department offers 2,000 sqft of quality instruction space that allows martial arts enthusiasts to experience the “sport” of Taekwondo as seen in the Olympics by combining high level athletics conditioning with elite martial arts technique.


  • Redline offers the flexibility of multiple training sessions a day
  • Sessions are available to all athletes 8-18 years of age
    Within each session, Redline Coaches create Athlete sub-groups based on age and experience
  • Athletes of all ages and abilities – from emerging to elite – will be challenged and pushed to improve
  • Redline training sessions are comprehensive and designed to build the complete Athlete:
    • Activation & Movement Prep
    • Dynamic Warm-up
    • Speed & Agility
    • Strength & Power
    • Mobility & Injury Prevention
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Redline Athletics Phone: (303) 827-3662

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Redline Athletics Longmont, 700 9th Ave, Longmont, CO 80501

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